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 This Fire Safety Checklist can help occupants identify any unsafe conditions and correct them prior to inspection by the Fire Marshal. It can also assist you and your employees in becoming familiar with the fire safety features for your building. Fires are devastating personally and economically. We hope this checklist will help you avoid a fire in your building.


NOTE: This list addresses most common fire prevention methods.

The Fire Marshal/Inspectors (in your jurisdiction) may cover additional technical items

during an actual inspection.

  • Are your address and suite number readable from the street?
  • Is the area around your building free of weeds and/or debris?
  • Are dumpsters located more than five (5) feet away from combustible walls, openings and roof overhangs?
  • Are all portable fire extinguishers visible, readily accessible and fully charged? Have they been inspected within the past twelve (12) months by a State Fire Marshal licensed Fire Extinguisher Service Company?
  • Are employees familiar with the use of portable fire extinguishers?
  • Is the path to all electrical fuse and breaker equipment un-obstructed and is there 30 inches of clearance in front of this equipment?
  • Are all circuit breakers labeled to show their service location?
  • Are electrical cover plates on all wall plugs, switches and junction boxes?
  • Extension cords providing power to permanent fixtures (over 24 hours) are not allowed. Breaker protected power strips of sufficient amperage capacity are allowed up to 15 feet. No extension cords running through walls, floors or ceilings are allowed under any circumstance.
  • Are portable electric heaters equipped with automatic safety shutoff devices if the device is tipped.
  • Are combustibles stored at least four (4) feet from gas furnaces and water heaters?
  • Are boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, electrical panel rooms free from storage and obstruction? If the boiler exceeds 200,000 BTU, has it been inspected by the State Boiler Inspection Department within the last two (2) years?
  • Is storage orderly? If the building has a fire sprinkler system, is storage eighteen (18) inches or more below sprinkler heads?
  • Are exit passageways, corridors, stairways, and exits free of storage and obstructions?
  • Are less than seven (7) gallons of flammable or combustible liquids whose containers have been opened stored outside flammable cabinets or other approved storage areas?
  • If combustible waste and/or rags are stored in the business, are they in non-combustible containers with self-closing lids?
  • Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available for all report required hazardous chemicals used in your business?
  • Are all illuminated exit signs working including the battery backup emergency light.
  • Is there only one (1) lock or latching device per exit door? Are all designated exit doors unlocked while building is occupied?
  • Can all designated exit doors be opened from the inside without a key or any special knowledge or effort?
  • If a designated exit door can be locked from the inside, is there a durable sign visible from inside the building on or adjacent to that door stating, "THIS DOOR TO REMAIN UNLOCKED DURING BUSINESS HOURS" which has letters at least two (2) inches high on a contrasting background?
  • Are all required emergency lights functioning properly if power shuts off?
  • Are all holes in sheetrock walls and ceilings patched and are all ceiling tiles in place and in good condition?
  • Are all compressed gas cylinders secured to prevent tipping or falling?
  • Are evacuation route diagrams present in exit corridors, stairwells, and near elevators?
  • Are smoking areas designated and supplied with ashtrays or ash receptacles?
  • If your building has an automatic fire alarm system, has it been inspected by a State Fire Marshal approved Fire Alarm Company within the last twelve (12) months?
  • If your building has a fire sprinkler system, has it been inspected by a State Fire Marshal Certified Fire Sprinkler Company within the last twelve (12) months?
  • If your building has a chemical fire suppression system has it been inspected by a State Fire Marshal Certified Fire Suppression System Company within the last six (6) months?
  • If you commercially cook in your building and have a vent hood system, is the hood and vent to the exterior free of grease buildup?
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