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Annual Business Fire Dept. Safety Inspection

Typical Commercial Fire Safety Check List


1.        Is building free of debris?

2.        Is dumpster a minimum of six feet from the building?

3.        Is your address posted in numbers at least 8 inches tall and in clearly visible from the street?

4.        Are no smoking signs posted in appropriate areas?

5.        Are smoking areas designated?

6.        Are persons smoking only in designated areas?

7.        Are floors clear of cigarette butts?

8.        Are electrical outlets in good repair?

9.        Are all electrical outlet cover plates in place and in good repair?

10.     Are all electrical cords in good condition and not running through doorways

          or otherwise located where they could be damaged?

11.    Are electrical extension cords overloaded, attached to the walls or used in place of permanent wiring?

12.    Are electrical panel boxes easily accessible with no storage within a 30 inch arc

         measured from the center of the box and ranging from floor level to above the panel box?

13.    Does all electrical equipment appear to be in good condition?

14.    Are all heaters and similar heat producing products kept away from combustibles?

         A recommended distance is 36 inches minimum between combustibles

         and heat source as a good rule of thumb.

15.    Are all exit lights operating?

16.    Are all exit doors unlocked and open easily?

17.    Are all exit paths clear of storage or debris?

18.    Are all fire extinguishers visible?

19.    Does the gage on the fire extinguishers show the extinguisher full?

20.    Are all fire alarm panels, sprinkler control valves and fire extinguishers

         have a tag attached showing a licensed service company inspected them within the past year?