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Skylight Problems

Even though skylights can add value and beauty to a home, occasionally homeowners can experience problems with them.
  • Ceiling is damp around the opening (leaking): Leakage is the number one problem. 90 percent of all leaks are caused by a "flashing" problem. Flashing is a piece of metal that sits flush against a skylight opening and sweeps away any water. Many leaks are slow, and you may not see them for several years until the drywall next to the skylight starts to buckle.
  • Newer skylights are built in accordance with rugged construction requirements. Still they can crack with impact, especially if they are glass. If your skylight is in an area where it can be easily broken, consider replacing it with a plastic, shatter-resistant version. These have the added advantage of being lightweight and economical.
  • Some skylights can open a few inches to allow air circulation. They're usually operated with a pole. Occasionally the gears that raise and lower the skylight can get jammed.
  • Motor-controlled skylight isn't functioning properly: Some skylights can be opened automatically with motors. And like all mechanical things, these motors need occasional maintenance and repair. Your problem may also be electrical.
  • Manually operated shade isn't functioning properly: Many manufacturers have designed shades to fit within the frame of their skylights. Most are opaque, and can be opened and closed fully to give you maximum control over the amount of light you let in. Sometimes the gears that operate the shades can get jammed.
  • Motor controlled shade isn't functioning properly: Motor-controlled shades are a great option for skylights that are very high and out of reach. However, these motors need maintenance and repair from time to time. The problem may also be electrical.

     Common problems : Skylights

    Modern, top-of-the-line skylights that are carefully installed or repaired by a Service Professional can be expected to remain watertight for a long time.